Czech hand-made glass of premium quality

Tradition since 1794

We rely on high-quality lead-free glass, flawless workmanship, modern and traditional designs. We use modern technologies especially where we perceive their contribution to achieving the highest possible quality, but at the same time we preserve the craft tradition and uniqueness of handwork. Our goal is not to spew as many products as possible. That is why we focus on smaller, unique design collections, on the form of which we cooperate with leading Czech and foreign designers.


With its focus and originality, KVĚTNÁ 1794 has no competition both in Bohemia and abroad. Each piece is a work of art of our master glassmakers, and the difference from machine-made glass is obvious at first glance. Although our glasses look fragile due to their incredible lightness and thinness, the opposite is true - thanks to the years of recipe for our sodium-potassium glass without lead and other heavy metals, our crystal glass is not only elegant, but also unexpectedly strong and flexible. Our mission is therefore to build awareness of the tradition of handmade glass in the Czech Republic, as this awareness was significantly disrupted by the nationalization of the glass industry in the 20th century and has consequences to this day.